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My name is Páll Jökull, the owner of Landscape Photography Iceland,
a photo guide and an Icelandic professional landscape photographer.

I am offering photography tours for small groups and workshops in Iceland since 2013 and the Faroe islands and Lofoten Norway since 2019. My company is an authorised Travel agency in Iceland since 2017.



A portrait of Páll Jökull
Hi. My name is Páll Jökull, an Icelandic photo guide and a professional landscape photographer with high knowledge of photography and photogenic places in Iceland. I have been doing workshops and photo tours in Iceland since 2013. All photography tours are customised to meet your specific needs. Whether you are an amateur or working professional photographer the benefits of hiring someone "in the know" with local knowledge is a very wise investment indeed.  

Here you can read the 
terms and conditions for a photo tour or workshop.

All participants should be able to hike short distances to locations on uneven surface with their camera gear. My tours are always dependent on weather, as it is often highly unpredictable in Iceland, and the itinerary could be modified to get the most out of the places and weather conditions.

I am happy to announce that I am offering workshops in Iceland, the
Faroe Islands and Lofoten Norway in collaboration with:


Here you can find an extensive collection of Icelandic landscape photos I have shot in the past years, and from few other countries in Europe. You can order prints of my photos in various sizes, printed on paper or canvas, delivered to your door. In the case of large prints, please contact me directly by email. pall at palljokull dot com. 

In my Gallery you can find photos suitable for home or office & stock image licensing for editorial or commercial use, print or web. All purchases can be executed directly online.

Enjoy your browsing.
Aurora Borealis in Northern Iceland.
Volcanic eruption at Fimmvörðuháls volcano in 2010.
Bruarfoss waterfall in south Iceland.
Hvitserkur sea stack.
Icelandic sheep.
Northern lights at Thingvellir.


Luke from Beijing, China

I would definitely recommend Pall to my friends who like photography and want to see all the aspects about the stunning nature of Iceland!
Thanks Pall for organizing us such a wonderful trip!

Lorraine & Gene of Fairfax, Virginia

Pall knew the best spots to shoot that perfect photo and the perfect time of day so he planned our trip around the limited daylight hours. One of the positive features of a private tour is that we never felt rushed and the whole 3 days was a very pleasant at your own pace journey. Pall made sure we were comfortable and safe at all times and we do appreciate that very much.

Giulia Cimarosti
Photographer and blogger at

The icing on the cake is that Páll is also a great, very well known photographer and I am a photographer and a blogger, writing about my travels around the world. Not only I had a great trip, but I also learned a lot thanks to him! Should we go back to Iceland, we won't hesitate contacting Páll Jökull Pétursson again, and we definitely recommend his impeccable service to everyone.


Please contact me if you are interested in one of my photo tours, workshops or something else you prefer.
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